Why Teaching from Home is Better

By Angelo Castelda
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Thanks to technology and the internet, working from home became possible. Being able to do your job in the comfort of your home is considered by those who do it a luxury. Many were able to find success and fulfillment from it, which is also great news for most professionals.

If the people that thrive in that working setup can do it, then you can too. You just need to realize its advantages and why it’s best for you. Flexibility is an obvious one since you won’t need to allot time to prepare to travel for work.

If you’re considering shifting to work from home, now is the best time to do it. As long as your internet connection is stable and you have the skills required, you’re qualified. Let’s talk more about why working from home is the better choice in this article.

Less stress

This is the benefit that most remote worker employers are banking on. The flexibility that most online jobs out there offer comes in the form of the work setup. You work at home, not in an office, which means you can relax more easily.

Although many companies designate areas for relaxation in their offices, only a few things beat relaxing at home. Knowing that you can sit in your living room or lie down on your bed once you’re done with work is something you can always look forward to.

It all comes down to managing your time well so you can finish your tasks. You can also choose where you want to work at home. Doing it where you’re comfortable can increase your productivity and reduce stress as well. If your working hours are flexible, you can also get more sleep if you wish to do so.

Other issues in a regular work routine are also out of the picture. Stress in commuting or driving won’t be a problem anymore. You don’t have to experience heavy traffic every day, which is associated with plenty of health issues, including an increased risk of depression. 

It allows you to save more money

One of the most overlooked benefits of working from home is the fact that it lessens your expenses. Now you don’t have to travel, and there’s no need to worry about what you should wear. Simply said, working from home promotes practicality.

Not having to wear work attire every week means you can save on the wardrobe budget, as well as saving yourself from doing more laundry. You don’t need to separate work clothes, plus, the money that you save doesn’t have to go to buying them. There’s also lesser food expenses since you don’t have to buy food or meals outside as frequently when you’re traveling to and from work.

If you’re a motorist, then you won’t need to spend on fuel anymore. You can add those savings to your vehicle’s maintenance cost instead so you can keep it in good condition. You’ll have less of your usual overhead expenses, and you’re also helping the environment because you contribute to reducing fossil fuel emissions.

For parents taking care of their younger children, they won’t need to worry about childcare. Since they’ll be working at home, they can set aside time for their children’s needs. The need to spend on tutoring and nanny services is significantly lesser since they’ll stay at home.

Variety of career options

If you’re new to working from home, then you’ll be delighted to know that there are many options in career paths that you can take. There’s something for everyone because the remote work job market is always in-demand of skilled professionals. The most important qualification, of course, is the willingness to work from your residence.

There are numerous industries that regularly recruit remote employees. Many of these jobs even pay more than a typical office position. Here are some of the time-honored professions for working from home:

  • Teaching jobs – E-learning has become even more popular because of the several benefits people can gain from it.
  • Virtual assistance – Many companies are always on the lookout for remote assistants who can fulfill additional office duties.
  • Creative jobs – Home-based video editing and graphic design have recently become popular these days because of the internet.

Learn self-discipline and being independent

Since you’re working remotely, no one else will be there with you. The only person you can rely on is yourself. That’s why working from home is a great way to practice discipline and learn to be independent.

When the weather is conducive for sleeping, and you don’t feel like getting out of bed, you have to motivate yourself. Your colleagues and your employer is relying on you to do your part. Having the discipline to be productive and having enough motivation to do your tasks will be tested when you work at home.

If you don’t have either, then you won’t last long. You’ll learn how to be disciplined because you don’t have anyone to tell you to do what’s required of you. It may sound tough because it is, but you’ll come out a better person and improve everyday.

More family time

Most professionals always ask for more time with family. Working from home gives you that chance. It doesn’t just apply to working parents but also to those who live with their family as well.

You’ll get to talk to your family members more than you did when you worked at an office. You can also have meals on the table with everyone present. Little things like that that can inspire you to make working from home the best decision you’ve ever made.

Wrapping up

Pursuing your career without regularly leaving your house sounds more attractive now, doesn’t it? When working from home, you won’t need to sacrifice a lot more than you should, which gives you more time to focus on yourself and what matters. You can be successful in your chosen career at home; that in itself is a huge reason to do it.

Written by Angelo Castelda for TEFL.net December 2020
Angelo is a freelance writer from Asia. Besides writing, he also spends his time traveling & learning about diverse cultures, which opened his heart more to learning and imparting knowledge about ESL.


  • John V Asia Teacher says:

    First, if we’re talking teaching then online teaching is notoriously badly paid, despite the usual hype of companies promoting it as an easy way to make lots of money.

    Second, when the pandemic hype of bodies littering the streets dies out as people realize its political and media led panic, things will return to normal. A bit like the panic caused by Greta and her prediction of the world ending in ten years did (previously Al Gore and his world’s end prediction in 2015.

    Our friends in China already tell us that it’s back to normal there.

  • Tony Dwyer says:

    I know it is always best to try to be positive, but let’s face the truth. Most of this article is complete nonsense for many people. There is little positive about prolonged isolation. The writer appears simply lazzy and misguided in my opinion. Students are learning English in order to communicate in a variety of situations but I am sure that face to face communication is the most important.

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