Let’s Talk TEFL Branding and Promotion
John V Asia Teacher
In our 24/7 indoctrinated and internalized world, branding and promotion are what prevent us becoming a needle in a haystack.

Let’s Talk Resumes
John V Asia Teacher
You’ve obviously got a resume, but does it do you justice? Introducing Rezscore and making it work for you.

Why Teaching from Home is Better
Angelo Castelda
Since the pandemic, a lot of people have started working from home. And this could be for long-term.

Career Paths for TEFL Teachers
Armando Pannacci
Most TEFL teachers want to progress in their careers and apply for higher-level positions. Here are some ideas for TEFL teachers seeking to advance.

Teaching English as a Non-Native English-Speaking Teacher: Tips and Considerations
Armando Pannacci
Armando Pannacci predicts a brighter future for NNESTs in the NEST vs NNEST wars.

How to Sit a Successful TEFL Job Interview
Rachel Rowland
Rachel Rowland offers advice on how to pass interviews, from doing your homework to having the right attitude.

From Teaching TEFL to Teaching Culture
Neil Payne
A guide for TEFL teachers to future job career opportunities on becoming cross-cultural trainers.

An Overview of Teacher ESL Certification and Jobs
Thomas Berg
We analyzed 13,000 ESL job postings to better understand the ESL job market. We summarize our findings how ESL certification relates to job postings.

Rising above the ‘competitive’ €1200 teaching salary
Ryan Sheehan
A detailed guide to how English teachers in Madrid can get out of language schools and make better salaries than most professionals in the capital city.

Teaching in China: The Basics
Armando Pannacci
A look at the burgeoning Chinese ESL market, visa processes and where to work

Is Teaching English Abroad for Me?
Armando Pannacci
Should I go or should I stay? 7 Questions to ask yourself when deciding whether to teach abroad.

Finding the Perfect ESL Job
Dan Hinkley
Tips to help avoid the nightmare jobs and land that dream position

Avoiding the First ESL Lesson Blues
Dan Hinkley
Some of the things you can do to make the first lesson less painful and the experience enjoyable

Top 10 Things for an ESL Teacher to Pack
Dan Hinkley
Don’t forget your toothbrush

Job Applications: Chris’s 10 Tips
How to apply for the jobs you really want to get. A practical guide to filling out those (automated) application forms

The big list of CPD for ELT
Alex Case
About a hundred ways to improve your teaching and career prospects, most of them free.

Workplace Bullying In The EFL Industry
Kaithe Greene
Kaithe Greene explores bullying in the English language teaching industry, whether it is any different to that in other industries, its likely causes and possible solutions.

35 Reasons To Write TEFL articles
Alex Case
Encouragement for those who are thinking of writing articles about English teaching, as well as for those who have never thought it was possible.

Giving Workshops
Sharon De Hinojosa
Give workshops and boost your resume, broaden your network and delve into teaching ideas.

5 Great Reasons to Teach TEFL English in Madrid
Owen Baxter
Why working conditions, climate, people, food and lifestyle make Madrid an attractive destination.

Preparing for ELT management
Alex Case
15 tips that will set you well on the road to moving into English language teaching management and admin

Easy ways to improve your TEFL career
Alex Case
15 ideas, in no particular order, that are fairly or very easy to do and will improve your TEFL career