Worksheet Generator

Make your own worksheets with TEFLnet's free Worksheet Generator. You can print your worksheets on standard paper sizes and photocopy for your students—complete with answersheets.

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The illustrations below are examples only. You change them as you like by entering your own words. Worksheet Generator instantly shuffles or scrambles your words and phrases for you.

Matching Worksheet Generator

Students draw lines between your pairs of words (sometimes called a "spaghetti" exercise).

Good for: collocations, opposites, synonyms, famous buildings & cities...

Matching Worksheet Generator

Sorting Worksheet Generator

Students sort your items from a single box into columns.

Good for: parts of irregular verbs, word stress, categories...

Sorting Worksheet Generator (3 columns)

Word Scrambler

Students unscramble your words and spell them correctly.

Good for: vocabulary and spelling, reading and writing skills...

Scrambled Words Worksheet Generator