Topic-based Lesson Plans

Liz Regan

A range of topic based lesson plans by Liz Regan available for free download in PDF format, so they'll print out perfectly on A4 or Letter-size paper. Each worksheet comes with Teacher's Notes. When each PDF file opens, you can print it out or save it to your computer.

Level: Intermediate to Advanced


Encourage your students' fluency with this fascinating topic-based worksheet on colour!


Keep your students talking with this stimulating worksheet on the topic of advertising!


Your students will love this useful worksheet based on the topic of friends!

Explore the linguistic aspect of sexual discrimination with this unusual worksheet on the topic of gender.


Parts of the Body
Build on your students' basic "body" vocabulary by using nouns as verbs in this great topic worksheet on parts of the body!

Health: Accidents & Emergencies
Your students will thoroughly enjoy talking about themselves with this worksheet based on the topic of health!


Transport Vocabulary
A handy Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate lesson which introduces vocabulary for various common types of transport through a Mix'n'Match activity.

An interesting Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate lesson in which students warm up by brainstorming types of transport before being introduced to some idiomatic expressions based on transport.


Holidays and Hotels
A useful Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate lesson in which students revise their question-forming ability in an introductory Q&A activity.

Holiday Phrases and Places
A fun Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate lesson which practises holiday vocabulary through a gap-fill activity which leads on to a fun Mix'n'Match "quiz" on famous cities and sights.

Holiday Word Partners
A great Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate lesson which introduces students to useful common holiday collocations through a Mix'n'Match activity.


Food in the UK
Introduce your students to the delights (and dangers!) of British food with this informative topic-based worksheet.

Eating Habits
A globally-minded Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate lesson which enables students to discuss a variety of eating habits (e.g. chopsticks, fast food).

Holiday Food
A refreshingly different Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate lesson which covers a variety of angles as far as the topic of "Food" is concerned.

Food Sayings
A very enjoyable Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate lesson based on common sayings such as "a piece of cake".

British Food
A really useful culturally instructive Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate lesson for students who are studying in Britain or are planning to go there.


Get your students talking with this thought-provoking topic-based worksheet on the environment.

Environment and Animals
A highly topical Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate lesson which introduces students to the core vocabulary needed to discuss this subject.

Environment and Pollution
An extremely useful Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate lesson which widens students' vocabulary for "Pollution" by introducing useful word partners in a matching activity.

Environment and Rubbish
A stimulating Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate worksheet which broadens students' vocabulary on the subject of rubbish.


Christmas Conversation
A pure conversation lesson to give your Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate students lots of practise in fluency.

Christmas Fun
A very enjoyable, upbeat lesson for your Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate students at Christmas time.

Christmas Vocabulary
A festive and fun way for your Pre-Intermediate/Intermediate students to learn some Christmas vocabulary.