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TEFL Career Tips and Advice

How to Sit a Successful TEFL Job Interview
Advice on how to pass interviews, from doing your homework to having the right attitude

Is Teaching English Abroad for Me?
Should I go or should I stay? Seven questions to ask yourself when deciding whether to teach abroad

Job Scams
Also known as employment scams, job scams exist in all industries. They are not unique to TEFL, albeit this page is specifically written for TEFL job seekers.

Resume Tips for ESL Jobs
Your resume (CV in British English) has one mission and one mission only: to get you a job interview.

Advice for a NNEST Job Seeker
Are you tired of getting turned down for teaching jobs because you are a non-native English-speaker? Tips on dealing with job discrimination

Teaching Abroad: Expecting the Unexpected
Going abroad to teach English as a Second Language is a dream for many graduates.

ESL Recruiting Agencies
Recruiting Agencies, also referred to as Teacher Placement Agencies or Employment Agencies, are commonly used in the ESL teaching industry.

Top 10 Interview Questions for Teachers to Ask
You've thought long and hard about what your answers will be to all of the typical interview questions. Now it's time to think about your questions.

Transferable Skills for ESL Teachers
Many people change jobs and careers several times throughout their lives. The key to a successful career change is harvesting your transferable skills.

The Functional Resume
Functional resumes (also called competency-based resumes) are often recommended for those seeking to change careers.

The Jet Programme
The JET Programme is a unique opportunity for young people to experience Japan while earning a salary overseas.

Chain Schools
Ask two experienced teachers whether or not they recommend working for an ESL chain school, and you may get two very different answers.

Now What? Climbing the ESL Ladder
Like all jobs, there comes a time when an ESL teacher says, "I'm ready for something different."

ESL Job Satisfaction
Is teaching English all that you imagined it to be? Do you wake up most mornings excited to teach your classes? What about your current location?

What Kind of Teacher Are You?
Teaching ESL is a broad term. There are dozens of ESL disciplines, and a wide range of class types. Which of these are you best suited for?

7 ESL Job Interview Tips
Anticipating an upcoming interview can be a very stressful time.

Job Applications - Chris's 10 Tips
HR people form their opinions within 5 seconds of their first glance.

Finding the perfect ESL job
Avoid the nightmare jobs and land that dream position and the experience of a lifetime.

Top 10 Things for an ESL Teacher to Pack
Things to remember to pack when you fly out for your first (or even if it isn’t your first) teaching position in a foreign country

Avoiding the First ESL Lesson Blues
Suck in the air, relax, keep breathing. This is it.

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