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Terms of Use

By using this Website you agree to be bound by these terms of use between you and Tefl.NET. Certain areas of this Website may be subject to registration and additional terms and such terms will be made available for you to read and accept or decline at the time of registration.

Except where otherwise indicated this Website and its contents and the copyright in the material contained on this Website are the property of Tefl.NET. Reproduction of material on this Website is strictly prohibited unless express permission is given by Tefl.NET.

This Website and the content thereof is provided for use “as is” and Tefl.NET makes no warranties or representations in respect of this Website or its contents. No representations are given as to the accuracy or fullness of information contained on this Website or any site to which it is linked. All warranties, express or implied, are to the fullest extent permitted by Law excluded.

Under no circumstances shall Tefl.NET or its employees, suppliers, agents or contractors be liable for any damages of any nature arising out of or in connection with the use of this Website, its content or any Website with which it is linked.

You may not distribute or redistribute any Content of this Website without Tefl.NET’s prior and express authorisation or create a database in any form by downloading and storing any content.

You may use, adapt and photocopy materials on Tefl.NET for self-study or in-class lessons, but republishing without permission is not permitted. If you would like to republish something from Tefl.NET, please contact us. We usually refuse permission for copying whole pages to elsewhere on the internet (although short quotes and links to our pages are welcome) but usually give permission for republishing in paper publications, as long as the source is cited.

“Tefl.NET”, “TEFL Net” and “Teflnet” are trademarks of Tefl.NET and may not be used commercially without prior written permission.

You may link to the home page and any other html page of the Website as long as you do not create a frame around the content and such linking does not imply any endorsement by Tefl.NET and provided further that the website linking to this Website does not infringe any intellectual property right or contain distasteful or offensive material. Tefl.NET reserves the right to require you to remove any link to this Website. You may not replicate any Content of this Website.

Tefl.NET reserves the right to change these terms at any time and you will be considered to have accepted such changes if you use this Website after Tefl.NET has published the changed terms on this Website.

Parts of this Website may include advertising. Tefl.NET is not responsible for the content of or any inaccuracy in any advertising or sponsorship which is the responsibility of the advertiser.

Tefl.NET does not endorse any of the training courses shown on these pages, whether in editorial or advertising matter, and can in no circumstances be held responsible for the outcome of any application made by any candidate to such a course. Candidates are advised to take all usual precautions before entering into any agreement and to satisfy themselves as to the suitability of such a course.

Tefl.NET does not endorse any of the job announcements or resumes shown on these pages and can in no circumstances be held responsible for the outcome of any application made by any candidate. Employers and candidates are advised to take all usual precautions before entering into any agreement.

By posting at Tefl.NET you take full and personal responsibility for the content of your message. Views expressed in forums and blogs are not necessarily the views of Tefl.NET. If you believe that a blog post or forum post is libellous, fraudulent or otherwise abusive please contact us with the details so that we may take appropriate action. We collect and log IP addresses and such information as may be necessary to identify individual posters. This information will be shared or divulged only in the event of libellous, fraudulent or otherwise abusive postings or if required by law.

These terms shall be governed by the Laws of England.