Liz Regan's 20 Teaching Tips

These teaching tips by Liz Regan will be of general help to new teachers or others who simply wish to brush up on their technique. But they also integrate with the Teaching Suggestions for Liz Regan's Topic Based Worksheets in TEFLnet ESL Lesson Plans.

  1. Pairwork and Groupwork
  2. Reading Aloud
  3. Checking Understanding
  4. Pronunciation
  5. Speaking to Other Students in English
  6. Guessing Answers
  7. Stopping an Activity
  8. Feedback
  9. Dealing with Vocabulary Queries
  10. Monitoring
  11. Error Correction
  12. Eliciting
  13. Checking Together
  14. Reading before Writing
  15. Brainstorming
  16. Personalising
  17. Translating
  18. Pacing
  19. Concept Checking
  20. Using Dictionaries

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