Inspirational Quotes

Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.
Margaret Mead

Carefully crafted thoughts can guide, inspire and motivate learners and teachers. Inspirational quotes can be used on websites and blog posts or on white boards and black boards. Quotes can also be shared in social media updates or placed on presentation slides. You may come across the perfect quote to place on a classroom door or staffroom bulletin board.

Teacher Quotes

These wise and motivational quotes can offer a boost to teachers when they need it most.

Learner Quotes

These learner quotes can help your students stay inspired on their language learning journey.

Education Quotes

Quotes about the essence of knowledge and learning can motivate you and inspire the people around you.

Quotations of all kinds can be used in class, whether as a five-minute warmer or as part of a longer exercise. Activities can cover vocabulary, comprehension and discussion.

When used effectively, and sparingly, an authoritative source can be just what you need to set the right tone for your reader or audience.