Verb Types and Terms Quiz

A TEFL quiz for TEFL teachers

You can do this quiz online or print it on paper. It tests terms for different types of verbs as defined in the TEFL Glossary.

1. "Ask her if she has finished her homework." Which is the auxiliary verb?

a) ask b) has c) finished

2. Which is the base form of the verb?

a) am b) be c) was

3. A gerund is a noun form created by adding _____ to the base form of a verb.

a) -er b) -ed c) -ing

4. In the sentence "Come here!", the verb is

a) imperative b) transitive c) subjunctive

5. Which doesn't take a direct object?

a main verb
a transitive verb
an intransitive verb
a) a main verb b) a transitive verb c) an intransitive verb

6. Which can be linking verbs?

will, can, may
be, seem, look
see, tell, give
a) will, can, may b) be, seem, look c) see, tell, give

7. "You should try to eat more fruit." Which is the modal verb?

to eat
a) should b) try c) to eat

8. In the sentence "I was working all day", working is a

past participle
present participle
a) past participle b) present participle c) gerund

9. Which is a phrasal verb?

turn on
turn here
have a turn
a) turn on b) turn here c) have a turn

10. Which is an example of a verb in the subjunctive form?

tell her I came
ask her to come
suggest that she come
a) tell her I came b) ask her to come c) suggest that she come

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