TEFL Technology Quiz

A TEFL quiz for TEFL teachers

You can do this quiz online or print it on paper. It tests terms in the TEFL Glossary related to the use of technology to teach or learn English.

1. The acronym CALL stands for "computer assisted language _______ ".

a) lab b) lesson c) learning

2. Which is a regularly updated audio segment that can be downloaded or streamed?

a podcast
a virtual classroom
a transcript
a) a podcast b) a virtual classroom c) a transcript

3. The abbreviation CBT stands for "computer-based _______ ".

a) test b) teaching c) text

4. A room with computers and/or audio equipment where learners can practise skills like listening and pronunciation is a

virtual classroom
language lab
demo lesson
a) virtual classroom b) language lab c) demo lesson

5. A collection of images, texts and/or video clips from the internet that's packaged into a presentation on a certain topic is a

virtual field trip
a) forum b) virtual field trip c) podcast

6. The TOEFL iBT is a standardized test that's taken

a) offline b) offside c) online

7. The text version of an audio segment or lesson is called a

tape or script
trans tape or transcript
tape script or transcript
a) tape or script b) script or transcript c) tape script or transcript

8. An online discussion board where learners and teachers can connect can be called

a forum
a virtual classroom
a) a forum b) a virtual classroom c) m-learning

9. Language learning with the use of mobile personal electronic devices is an example of

a language lab
a virtual classroom
a) a language lab b) a virtual classroom c) m-learning

10. An online space for learners that allows them to interact and communicate with one another or with a teacher is a

virtual field trip
virtual classroom
virtual podcast
a) virtual field trip b) virtual classroom c) virtual podcast

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