Sentence Level Grammar Quiz

A TEFL quiz for TEFL teachers

You can do this quiz online or print it on paper. It tests terms related to sentence level grammar as defined in the TEFL Glossary.

1. A compound sentence has at least two _____ that are usually joined by a conjunction.

content words
noun phrases
independent clauses
a) content words b) noun phrases c) independent clauses

2. Clauses that express a complete thought and can also stand alone as a sentence are called independent clauses or

main clauses
dependent clauses
Santa Clauses
a) main clauses b) dependent clauses c) Santa Clauses

3. Clauses that don't form a complete thought and cannot stand alone are called subordinate clauses or

adverbial clauses
dependent clauses
reduced clauses
a) adverbial clauses b) dependent clauses c) reduced clauses

4. If the clause "the cat that is on the mat" is shortened to "the cat on the mat", the second clause is

a reduced clause
a shortened clause
a modified clause
a) a reduced clause b) a shortened clause c) a modified clause

5. "Rich people can go wherever they like for their holidays." Which is the noun clause?

Rich people
wherever they like
for their holidays
a) Rich people b) wherever they like c) for their holidays

6. "The movie that we liked the most was about a gay African-American guy." Which is the adjective clause?

The movie that we liked
that we liked the most
a gay African-American guy
a) The movie that we liked b) that we liked the most c) a gay African-American guy

7. "Lee likes rap music more than his sister does." What type of clause is "more than his sister does"?

a noun clause
an adjective clause
an adverbial clause
a) a noun clause b) an adjective clause c) an adverbial clause

8. Which adds information that isn't completely necessary and is set off from the sentence with a comma?

a defining clause
a restrictive clause
a non-restrictive clause
a) a defining clause b) a restrictive clause c) a non-restrictive clause

9. The two main parts of a sentence are the subject and the

indirect object
a) predicate b) indirect object c) verb

10. Which type of sentence is a statement as opposed to a question or a command?

an interrogative sentence
a declarative sentence
an imperative sentence
a) an interrogative sentence b) a declarative sentence c) an imperative sentence

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