Parts of Speech Quiz

A TEFL quiz for TEFL teachers

You can do this quiz online or print it on paper. It tests parts of speech as defined in the TEFL Glossary.

1. Which describes a noun or pronoun?

an adverb
an adjective
a proper noun
a) an adverb b) an adjective c) a proper noun

2. Which determiner is an article?

a) an b) my c) one

3. Determiners come at the beginning of

adverbial clauses
noun phrases
indirect objects
a) adverbial clauses b) noun phrases c) indirect objects

4. Learning the parts of speech helps learners to ________ correctly.

pronounce words
construct sentences
understand accents
a) pronounce words b) construct sentences c) understand accents

5. A pronoun is a word that replaces

an adjective
a verb
a noun
a) an adjective b) a verb c) a noun

6. Which are capitalized at all times?

proper nouns
compound nouns
possessive pronouns
a) proper nouns b) compound nouns c) possessive pronouns

7. A word that describes an action or state is

a verb
an adverb
a noun
a) a verb b) an adverb c) a noun

8. Which are prepositions?

be, go, do
but, so, or
by, to, at
a) be, go, do b) but, so, or c) by, to, at

9. Which are conjunctions?

be, go, do
but, so, or
by, to, at
a) be, go, do b) but, so, or c) by, to, at

10. Which are defined as "words that join or connect parts of a sentence"?

a) prepositions b) determiners c) conjunctions

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