Teaching Materials Quiz

A TEFL quiz for TEFL teachers

You can do this quiz online or print it on paper. It tests terms as defined in the TEFL Glossary for teaching and learning materials.

1. The core text or the main textbook used in a specific class is a student's

authentic text
graded text
a) authentic text b) graded text c) coursebook

2. Most audio-lingual materials are designed to help learners develop their _______ skills.

reading and writing
spelling and punctuation
listening and speaking
a) reading and writing b) spelling and punctuation c) listening and speaking

3. Equipment, supplies, supplementary materials etc that teachers take to a class can be called

authentic materials
teaching aids
a) authentic materials b) teaching aids c) realia

4. Teachers use supplementary materials _______ a textbook or coursebook.

in addition to
instead of
such as
a) in addition to b) instead of c) such as

5. A graded reader always targets _______ reading level.

a specific
an unspecified
a below-average
a) a specific b) an unspecified c) a below-average

6. Authentic materials used in a classroom are materials taken from

a self-access centre
the real world
authorized sources
a) a self-access centre b) the real world c) authorized sources

7. Which can be called an "authentic text"?

a graded reader
a newspaper article
a grammar textbook
a) a graded reader b) a newspaper article c) a grammar textbook

8. What do we call objects from the real world that make a classroom feel more like a real-life setting for practising language skills?

supplementary materials
really objects
a) supplementary materials b) real objects c) realia

9. Supplementary materials for learners such as books, handouts, audio-lingual or AV files, apps etc are found in a school's

self-access centre
virtual classroom
supplementary centre
a) self-access centre b) virtual classroom c) supplementary centre

10. Materials centred around certain skills such as reading, listening, pronunciation etc are called _______ materials.

a) authentic b) audio-lingual c) skills-based

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