Listening and Reading Terms Quiz

A TEFL quiz for TEFL teachers

You can do this quiz online or print it on paper. It tests your understanding of terms in the TEFL Glossary that are related to listening and reading.

1. If you're testing your students' comprehension of written English, you're testing their understanding of what they've just

listened to
a) written b) read c) listened to

2. If a reader skims a piece of text, they

read it fully
read it aloud
glance over it
a) read it fully b) read it aloud c) glance over it

3. The term "sight vocabulary" refers to common words that learners first spot and recognize when developing their

listening skills
writing skills
reading skills
a) listening skills b) writing skills c) reading skills

4. If you refer to the "context" in which a written word or phrase is found, you're referring to the parts of the text that

precede and follow it
emphasize it
summarize it
a) precede and follow it b) emphasize it c) summarize it

5. If you're teaching phonics, you're teaching learners to read by associating certain ________ with certain sounds.

letters and letter groupings
words and word groupings
texts and text groupings
a) letters and letter groupings b) words and word groupings c) texts and text groupings

6. Structured listening in which listeners confirm in their own words what they've understood is called

guided listening
active listening
passive listening
a) guided listening b) active listening c) passive listening

7. Teaching methods, materials or technology related to listening and speaking can be described as

audio learning
audio lingual
a) audio learning b) auto-lingual c) audio lingual

8. Group reading aloud where the pace is set by the teacher is called

choral reading
teacher-led reading
class reading
a) choral reading b) teacher-led reading c) class reading

9. "Schema theory" is a process where learners draw from their own _____ to understand a reading.

background knowledge
vocabulary lists
a) imaginations b) background knowledge c) vocabulary lists

10. A reading strategy where learners must read silently for a certain period of time is known as U.S.S.R or _____ Sustained Silent Reading.

a) Universal b) Uninterrupted c) Understanding

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