Language Terminology Quiz

A TEFL quiz for TEFL teachers

You can do this quiz online or print it on paper. It tests your understanding of terms in the TEFL Glossary used when talking about language.

1. Someone who's multilingual is proficient in at least

one language
two languages
three languages
a) one language b) two languages c) three languages

2. Standard English (S.E.) is the spelling, pronunciation and grammar used by _____ native English speakers.

a) educated b) uneducated c) multilingual

3. Which is not a synonym of "international English"?

Global English
Native English
World English
a) Global English b) Native English c) World English

4. The main language you heard and learned in childhood is your

standard language
natural language
native language
a) standard language b) natural language c) native language

5. Which is an example of informal language?

Thank you very much
Thanks a lot
Thank you
a) Thank you very much b) Thanks a lot c) Thank you

6. Colloquial language can be used in everyday conversation, but not in _____ speech and writing.

a) formal b) informal c) vernacular

7. Uncommon words and expressions used in a particular profession or academic field can be called

a) dialects b) jargon c) idioms

8. The language being learned, or the language element being taught in a lesson, can be called the

target language
functional language
classroom language
a) target language b) functional language c) classroom language

9. Language used for specific purposes like making suggestions or giving directions can be called

target language
functional language
colloquial language
a) target language b) functional language c) colloquial language

10. The term "high frequency words" refers to words that appear most often in

written English
online communication
everyday communication
a) written English b) online communication c) everyday communication

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