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About Online English Jobs in China
Due to the recent pandemic, and the layoffs that followed, many people are searching for online work. One of the jobs often seen posted online is teaching English to Chinese students. “Anyone can do that, right?”, I was asked by an interested friend. My answer was, sure, it’s possible, but you should know a bit about what you are getting into beforehand…
online English teacher

Gym Equipment Picture Quiz
Can you name the gym equipment in English?
ESL Picture Quizzes

Musical Instruments Picture Quiz
Can you name these musical instruments in English?
ESL Picture Quizzes

Learn English with Professor Trump
Study English with a master of the English language. 10 classic Trumpian nicknames. Learn the vocabulary you really need to succeed in English.
Professor Trump

US National Anthem
Also know as "The Star-Spangled Banner"

Household Appliances Picture Quiz for Kids
Can you name these household appliances in English?
ESL Quizzes

Fruit and Vegetables Picture Quiz
Can you name these fruits and vegetables in English?
ESL Quizzes

Sports Picture Quiz for Kids
Can you name these sports in English?
ESL Quizzes

Time Picture Quiz
What time is it?

Tools Picture Quiz for Kids
Can you name these tools in English?
ESL Quizzes

How to Structure Your IELTS Essay
I often discover that students don’t know where to start structuring their essays for their IELTS exam. This post shows you how to structure your essay.

How to Develop as a Teacher
How you can improve and develop as a teacher, whatever stage of your career you’re at

Body language across cultures – a short etiquette guide for TEFL teachers
A look at what you, as a TEFL teacher, might need to consider before communicating in some of the most popular destinations around the world.

Ideas to Help Teach IELTS
Emilly Jones shares some tips that teachers can use when they are teaching IELTS, with 1 idea for Task 1, Essays, Speaking and Listening.

How to Sit a Successful TEFL Job Interview
Rachel Rowland offers advice on how to pass interviews, from doing your homework to having the right attitude.

Shapes Picture Quiz
Can you name these shapes in English?
ESL Quizzes

Flags Picture Quiz
Can you match each flag with its country?

Furniture Picture Quiz for KIDS
Can you name these pieces of furniture in English?

Buildings Picture Quiz for Kids
Can you name these buildings in English?
ESL Quizzes

Clothes Picture Quiz for kids
Name these clothes in English
ESL Quizzes

Foods Picture Quiz for Kids
Can you name these foods in English?

Transport Picture Quiz - for Kids
Name these modes of transport in English

Map showing the 50 States of the USA
The map shows the 48 contiguous states of the USA, and 2 non-contiguous states (Alaska and Hawaii shown in insets bottom left).

2-Letter State Abbreviations
The United States Postal Service publishes this list of official 2-letter abbreviations for the 50 US states. The abbreviations are to be used when addressing mail. The two letters of each abbreviation are always capitalized and without periods. So, for example…

Colours Picture Quiz for Kids
Can you name these colours?

USA States and Demonyms
Below are listed in alphabetical order the 50 states of America and the word or demonym for an inhabitant of each state.

Blessed Ramadan vocabulary
In the Islamic lunar calendar, the ninth month is Ramadan, during which Muslims fast from dawn to dusk. In addition to refraining from food and drink, Muslims are expected not to smoke or have sexual relations. Ramadan is one of the Five Pillars of Islam.
Blessed Ramadan

Teaching Online – Remote but United
In this article I share collaborative online tools and tips with teachers who struggle with going online.

From Teaching TEFL to Teaching Culture
A guide for TEFL teachers to future job career opportunities on becoming cross-cultural trainers.

What is the CLEP Test and How Can Your Students Pass it Successfully?
What is a CLEP test and how to pass the CLEP test are common questions we see. The CLEP test exists not only to save time, but also to save money.

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