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Welcome to the ELT Management pages of TEFLnet, where you can find practical advice on matters such as setting up a school, staff employment and relations, school resources and marketing.

How To Start a Language School
Tips and pointers on starting, equipping and promoting an ESL school

SAC Shock! Tips for Self Access Centres
Students can suffer from "SAC shock" when faced with the choice between just two books. Often, the best we can hope for is that they take the one with the nice new cover. The worst-case scenario is that they give up the whole idea...

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ELT Management forum

Staff Management

ESL Recruitment - An Overview
Why recruitment is a key to success in your school, and how to get it right

ESL Recruitment - The Interview
A structured approach to interviewing prospectiveteachers

Induction Guidelines for Your New Staff
The importance of welcoming and integrating new teachers for efficient school management

TEFL Teacher Development
Benefits and techniques of teacher training and development

Dealing With Problem Staff
Keys to maintaining discipline and staff harmony

Post a Job Ad
Find teachers fast by placing your job announcement on the TEFLnet ESL jobs board

ESL Marketing

Marketing Your Language Program 101
Practical advice on the best ways to market any ESL course anywhere

How to Promote Your Language Program in a Tough Market
Hands-on advice on promoting ESL courses in tough times

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ESL Resources

School Administration Software for Smaller Language Schools
Provides school owners and administrators of smaller language schools with background information on school administration software.