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English vocabulary for ESL learners


English Prepositions List  popular 
A list of almost all English prepositions with sample sentences. 150 prepositions, including 96 one-word prepositions, 54 complex prepositions and 370 example sentences. PDF ebook.

1000 Phrasal Verbs in Context
Learn phrasal verbs with Matt Errey's new ebook. Over 1000 phrasal verbs, 2000 example sentences and 1000 fun quiz questions.

A Dictionary of Slang
English slang and informal expressions currently in use in the UK

American Slang for ESL Students
American Slang for ESL students with a new idiom every week!

Christmas Vocabulary
Words and phrases used at or about Christmas.

Commonly Confused Words
There are many confusing words in the English language that look and sound similar. Keep them straight with this dictionary.

Definitions of English words
List of English words with definitions, pronunciation, and example sentences.

English Idioms
English idioms for EFL/ESL students, with quizzes.

English Prefixes
A prefix is placed at the beginning of a word to modify or change its meaning. This is a list of the most common prefixes in English, together with their basic meaning and some examples.

Interjections (oh!, um, ah!...)
Hi! That's an interjection.

Lexicons and Web Dictionaries
Collection of over 7,000 Lexicons and Web Dictionaries. Categorized by Monolingual (E<>E) versus Bilingual or Multilingual. Also by Language. East Asian Language Study and Dictionaries are especially rich collections.

A desktop website that delivers a compilation of multiple resources. Provides definitions, pronunciations, collocations, examples, translations, rhymes and images. Tool also allows chain searching, where any other word in the content can be searched by simply clicking on it.

OM EXPRESS - Thematic Minidictionary
300 bilingual minidictionaries with 3-column presentation: Spanish, English and pronunciation. Everyday situations, specific glossaries and complete grammar.

Online Advertising Vocabulary
This page lists words and expressions used to talk about online advertising, that is Internet advertising on websites. Example sentences for most terms are shown in italics.

Roman numerals
1, 2, 3 are Arabic numerals. i, ii, iii are Roman numerals...

Say or Tell Quiz
Quiz/test with answers on say and tell.

Say or Tell?
What's the difference between say and tell?

Slang City
Check out this cool guide to American slang, including popular songs and movies, bad words, body parts, and fortune teller.

Word definitions. English prefix and suffix lists with various word search tools. Use this resource to expand your vocabulary and learn new words. Unscramble letters and find anagrams.

Vocabulary Enhancer
Tool to help you build your vocabulary.

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