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ESL resources and products for teachers of English

Drama in the ESL Classroom
This site is designed as a resource for ESL/EFL teachers who are interested in learning how to incorporate dramatic techniques into their lessons.

EFL Ideas
Creative ESL/EFL resources. Speaking activities, role-plays, discussion prompts, games and more.

EFL Theatre Club
Efl plays, speaking activities, phrasal verb stories and tips on bringing theatre into the efl classroom.

Downloadable, printable and copiable worksheets for classroom and self-access use.

English outside the classroom
This is the first in a series of posts about the Learning English Video Project. Read on to find out what the project is about, or if you're already familiar with the videos then just scroll down to the "materials" section.

ESL - Free Material For Teachers
Collaboration blog created for teachers and by teachers.

ESL etc.
Podcast and other global issues oriented ESL /EFL materials.

ESL Kids Lab
Free teaching materials for ESL, EFL kids, Printable ESL worksheets,

ESL Through Music
Song lyric websites abound, yet this ESL music website is different. Created and developed by a researcher and expert on the topic, this website provides teachers with the direction they need to use music in the most effective way in the ESL classroom. According to the research, music is capable of accelerating language acquisition, but only if certain principles are used. The website contains pedagogically-sound lesson plans written by one who understands the intricacies of using music for second language purposes, and knows how to tap this valuable resource. Teachers can download lessons as well as research study findings and other articles that support its use in the ESL classroom. The new bookstore spotlights a book of ESL music lesson activities and CD that teachers can use to help their students master English irregular verbs through music. It is the place to come if teacher's want to know exactly how to use music to accelerate the language acquisition process.

ESL materials for young learners

Free materials for teachers, learners and translators
Free materials referring to articles from the world press, mainly vocabulary practice, definitions, English - Polish translations; business English, financial English, legal English, economic English and military English.

Funny English
Here is a collection of strange signs that you may enjoy sharing with your students - with appropriate explanations!

Information Clearing House
Daily-updated links to current newspaper articles in English.

Kisi's ESL/EFL Galaxy
Free ESL lessons on Powerpoint, kids' activities, flashcards...

Resource for English Teaching Info
Helpful information and valuable resources for English teachers.

Review of Foreign Accent
Book by Roy C.Major, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, ISBN 0 8058 3813 9

Review of Taboos and Issues
Book by Richard MacAndrew and Ron Martinez, LTP, ISBN 1 899396 41 1

Ring-a-Word Classroom Game
This classic classroom game is guaranteed to wake up the sleepiest class.

Teacher's Pet
Turn today's news or any text into an effective classroom exercise

TEFL Global Resources
I research TEFL English learning resources on the internet for TEFL Teachers and Learners; adopting a global perspective to find material that is relevant to all learners around the world. I incorporate materials on a variety of locations and habitats and acknowledge ecological, cultural and human issues.

TEFL Resources
Useful materials and pages to help you in teaching English from ESL lesson plans to inspirational quotes

TEFLVideos.com is the first ever online video resource dedicated to TEFL teachers! Learn hundreds of techniques, games, and activities with our simple and effective how-to videos! You can also watch live broadcasts with TEFL industry professionals and ask questions using our live chat feature!

This Week in History
Events that happened in history, in easy English for ESL students.

Using Music in the ESL Classroom
Tips on the value and use of music and song in teaching English

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