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Sites and pages specifically for teachers of English

An English as a second language weblog
ESL blog aims to provide news, reviews, opinions, links, and tips.

EnglishClub for Teachers
ESL lesson plans, teacher discussion, ESL jobs, resumes, teaching info and resources

A complete resource for ESL teachers and employers.

Using hand gestures in the class can substitute written text and so allow students to concentrate on oral skills only. See demo video of this and classroom ideas to introduce gestures in your classroom.

How to Promote Your Language Program in a Tough Market
How to market a language program in times of international crisis.

ICAL TEFL - How to Teach English
Ical's definitive collection of fundamental resources on the basics of teaching English abroad

Marketing Your Language Program 101
Tips and advice on promoting a language course or school anywhere.

Teaching Large Classes
Tips for teaching large classes

Teaching Multi-Level Classes
Tips for teaching multi-level classes

Teaching Small Classes
Tips for teaching small classes

Frequently asked questions about TEFL or teaching English as a foreign language.

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