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Teaching English links

Sites and pages specifically for teachers of English

ELT Planning
TEFL tips and ideas from a developing teacher

English Coach Online | Methodological advice for EFL tutors
Insightful long-form content, much of which is devoted to techniques to foster students' spoken fluency.

EnglishClub for Teachers
ESL lesson plans, teacher discussion, ESL jobs, resumes, teaching info and resources

How to Promote Your Language Program in a Tough Market
How to market a language program in times of international crisis.

Marketing Your Language Program 101
Tips and advice on promoting a language course or school anywhere.

So what is TEFL anyway?
When people say "TEFL", they are generally referring to a world of English teaching, where the students are not native speakers of English, and where the teachers may or may not be native speakers of English. Read on...

Teaching Large Classes
Tips for teaching large classes

Teaching Multi-Level Classes
Tips for teaching multi-level classes

Teaching Small Classes
Tips for teaching small classes

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