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About training to become a teacher of EFL/ESL

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Guides to help you through teacher training, from choosing a CELTA provider to a Masters in TESOL, together with a comprehensive directory of TEFL schools worldwide, profiles of countries and job information.

Forum Education Teacher Tools
Is there such a thing as really competent language teacher? Check out our experiences of 40 years of teaching, teacher training, and learning materials.

We provide information on accredited/validated training courses.

Liz Regan's Teaching Tips
Helpful advice for new teachers, or others wishing to brush up on their technique.

Masters in TESOL
Guides and information on developing your career with a Master's in TESOL from choosing an accredited school to finding an online program.

TEFL Training FAQ
Frequently asked questions about training for TEFL.

TEFL Videos
TEFL Videos provides practical, how-to instructions on designing and executing activities in the classroom. A professional teacher guides you through the planning step by step, and then demonstrates it with real students so you can see it in practice-not just theory. has a full library of over 100 videos-and growing! We also offer live TEFL broadcasts where you can ask questions to teachers, trainers, and other industry professionals with our interactive chat feature!