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12 Ways To Encourage Student Talking Time
There is often fierce debate about the relative merits of Teacher Talking Time (TTT) and Student Talking Time (STT) in the classroom. Although TTT has its place in providing a model for students, it is clear that the principal objective of most students is to be able to use English verbally, ie talk as well as listen.

A Student Like Me
Back to school...

An Introduction to Befogging Idioms
Do idioms really call the shots?

Are You Netting the World's best TEFL/TESL Resource?

Classroom: Forum or Arena?
A look at some of the factors that play an important role in the teaching-learning situation.

Cool Corporate English Consciousness
Giving your corporate classes the best approach

Coursebook: Take it or leave it

Discourse Analysis and the CPE
Analysing the Cambridge Proficiency Listening, Speaking and Reading

How to buy a good English dictionary
What kind of dictionary is best for learning English, how to choose a good learner's dictionary, and specific recommendations.

How to love learning English — improving your motivation
Some psychological techniques to use when you don't feel like learning English. Why passion for learning is a big advantage.

Intellect or Affect?
"Intellect or affect? one may ask. Certainly both. We should not view them as two forces vying with each other, but as the ends of a continuum that is called self-awareness and spiritual elevation."

Intermediate Ss and Authentic Texts
Using skimming and scanning training to ready students for real texts

Language and Sex
Why can't a woman be more like a man?

Learning English with adventure games
How you can learn English by playing adventure games on your computer.

Lexis - the new grammar?
A change in approach...

NLP and Lazy Language Learning

Reading — the most important way to learn English
Why reading is absolutely important in English learning. Why you don't need grammar books, what is grammar intuition, what is the best way to read.

Setting up activities in a YL class
Making sure games work in Young Learner ESL EFL ESOL classes

Speaking Practice through Presentations
If you're anything like most teachers, you're probably constantly looking for new ways to encourage your students to practise their oral English and speak spontaneously. This month, we're going to consider the value of the 'presentation' in achieving this.

Take 7! Video Cameras in the EFL/ESL Classroom
You probably already use video in the classroom - that is, you play and view video content of whatever origin. And your students certainly gain a good deal from exposure to the language in context that is typical of most video. But how often do you take the next logical step and venture into originating video content yourself?

The Advanced Teaching Certificate
Ideas on how to replace the DELTA Diploma and MA

Watching movies in English
Why watching films is a good way to learn English. How to learn as much as possible from movies.

Why we don't like English classes
Why English classes and courses are a very poor way to learn English.

Why you need a good English dictionary
Why a dictionary is very important in learning English, and how learners don't realize it.

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