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School Management Software

CoolSpeech: A Good English Learning Software
CoolSpeech is an english learning software for Windows. It helps students improve English pronunciation and listening capabilities in many ways.

Educational Software
Customizable administration software for schools, universities etc.

Encomium Software products
for ESL,TOEFL, TOEIC, Business English, Idioms, Pronunciation, Writing

GMAT Quant - math software
This new software product is designed to prepare you for the quantitative section of the test. It contains 10 full sample gmat tests.

Easy to use teacher's gradebook. The most feature packed grade book!

Idem file synchronisation software for backup and replication
Utility to automate file mirroring and save data. Can be installed as a windows NT/2000 service and used to synchronize a laptop on a server

Language Lab
Orell Technosystems (India) Pvt Ltd.- Provides Digital Language lab and english language learning software

Oz Speller
Online spelling tutor with voiced words and a clever typing tutor.

PocketExam is the ultimate learning tool for your PocketPC

Smrt English
Smrt is a web-based English language curriculum used by teachers and students inside the classroom at schools and institutions around the world.

An introduction to learning English vocabulary with the revolutionary computer program, SuperMemo.

Vocabulary Builder
For TOEFL, GMT, SAT and GRE and general vocabulary

Website Design for Schools & Teachers
Suite of programs for students preparing for Cambridge EFL exams

WhiteSmoke Enrichment
Computerized writing tool and sentence processing