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Monday, June 21 2021

ESL Lesson Plans

ESL Lesson Planner  new 
ESL Lesson Planner – Share ESL lesson plans and materials with ESL teachers around the world! The ESL Lesson Planner is a tool for creating standardised CEFR lesson plans. The ESL lesson plans are shared and rated by the community, saving the ESL teacher hundreds of hours in lesson planning and prep. It is also a place where ESL teachers from around the world can collaborate, share materials and ideas. Think of it as a Facebook for ESL teachers!

Thursday, June 17 2021

Worksheet Generators

English Tools  new 
A collection of tools for teaching and learning English. As well as worksheet tools, there are word tools, verb tools and you can create your own English bingo sheets. English Tools is available in 25 languages and offers a variety of resources for teachers, students, and even the general audience.

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