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English listening, the first language skill

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Academic English listening skills practice
Practise your listening skills with my mini-lectures on a range of interesting topics.

How to Hear English Everywhere
This page will show you why it is important to hear as much English as possible. And how to hear English everywhere in the world.

Learn English with Teacher Joe
Listening activities to help students learn English fast.

Online Library with audio & video
FREE Online Library for English teachers & learners to improve English Language skills through reading & audio listening to learn British accent.This website provides easy access to an affordable,fully illustrated,digital ESL, EFL & ESOL graded readers that help people learn English. This site enables teachers to provide graded readers to their learners in almost any setting & it helps learners to develop fluency & enjoy improving their English through reading & listening for pleasure. Its mission is to put high quality, digital graded readers within the reach of everyone who would benefit from them. This site is developed to intend for 5 different graded levels of learners (Advanced, Elementary, Intermediate, Pre-intermediate & Upper-intermediate) for ESL, EFL & ESOL to pleasurably enjoy improving their 2nd/foreign language through reading, listening or even through watching ReadListenLearn's Youtube vedio channel. It's also helpful for teachers to provide standard adaptation of short stories from over 50 authors & non-fiction articles on subjects including thriller, horror, crime, sports, science, espionage, drama, culture, history, art, astrology, nature, geography & many more to their learners in nearly every setting. The readers, learners, students or teachers - anyone can easily get access to website through their Facebook accounts or by using email addresses & get registered on this site FREE of COST. N.B:- In there are many options to have discussions, leave comments, learn vocabulary, have a closed group of registered members of the site to comprehend discussions with questions & answers, have audio to learn British accent & lots could share any article & have a personal library to maintain reading history, could talk or converse with a team runs on intercom in case of having any inquiry or problem.

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab
English listening practice web site, suitable for any level of English learner.

A site that has recordings of famous poems, speeches, etc that people can listen or practice speaking English to!

Shaggy Dog Stories
Download 10 short, funny stories in mp3 format.