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English writing, the fourth language skill

English Writing
The skill of writing English for EFL/ESL students.

Font Styles
The English alphabet in different font styles or typefaces.

Free E-Cards Online
A collection of free e-cards for all occasions. Birthday cards, Christmas cards, romantic love cards, funny cards...

Punctuation for English
Punctuation is the system of symbols (. , ! - : etc) that we use to separate sentences and parts of sentences, and to make their meaning clear. Each symbol is called a "punctuation mark"...

Punctuation: Backslash (\)
How to use the backslash in English writing.

Punctuation: Colon (:)
How to use the colon in English writing.

Punctuation: Comma (,)
How to use the comma in English writing.

Punctuation: Dash (–)
How to use the dash in English writing.

Punctuation: Exclamation Mark (!)
How to use the exclamation mark in English writing.

Punctuation: Hyphen (-)
How to use the hyphen in English writing.

Punctuation: Question Mark (?)
How to use the question mark in English writing.

Punctuation: Semicolon (;)
How to use the semicolon in English writing.

Punctuation: Slash (/)
How to use the slash in English writing.

Spelling made fun by Spellarama
Cool letter card game you can print off for free...Works with sounds

Using Capital Letters
Explains why it's more difficult to read text in capital letters than in small letters.

Virtual Writing Tutor
The Virtual Writing Tutor is a 100% free grammar checker especially developed for English second language learners. The blog discusses recently added features, learning resources, free downloads, and musings on good pedagogy.

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