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Brown Cow English
Since 2010, we have taught hundreds of students British, American or Australian English on Skype. Should you prefer one nationality over the other - let us know. The differences are minor and you can learn perfect English from any native speaker. Most of our teachers are British Skype English teachers as we are UK based - however, we celebrate English in all its shapes and forms! Our teachers are all degree educated and CELTA or Trinity trained Skype English teachers. Unlike in other countries, British Council schools require this and it has become a UK standard. They are the only UK recognised TEFL qualifications so it is very important that your teacher has one of these qualifications. Students usually work through course books given by us. In addition to the tasks in the book, teachers include exercises of their own to keep the lessons interesting and fresh. Most importantly, We plan all lessons around your needs - More grammar? More vocabulary? More writing? More speaking? You decide. We will adapt the course as your English develops. You may choose to focus on just grammar for a month or you may just want to discuss different themes and work on your fluency.