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Alter Aeon Text RPG
Alter Aeon is a multiplayer english-language text game, suitable for intermediate or advanced students with a penchant for role playing games. There are many different writing styles in the different areas, and players of different nationalities to chat with.

Create Your Own Comics Online to Practice English
A site where students can create their own comic strips and practice writing, reading and telling stories in English, other languages.

EFL/ESL Board Games
Quiz-style board games for classroom or home use from TEFL Games Co.

English board game - Play in English
English board game is easy way how to learn and practise English. It is recommended for children and adults of all levels of English knowledge.
A fun site full of games and quizzes for students and teachers of English.
English games and activities for adult English learners. Lots of printable resources and a wide range of conversation questions.

Free Flash English Games-MES Games
Free flash English games covering a variety of grammar points & levels

Free Online Computer Language Games
Have fun playing while learning languages with online games! Is it possible to learn while playing games? Of course it is! The games you will find here are much more effective at helping you acquire foreign language skills than other types of exercises. See for yourself!

Game that teaches English...Amazing!!
Based on ending of verbs depending on auxiliaries. Lots of fun for teachers and student alike. Teach gerunds on the very first class. - vocabulary games for teaching English
English vocabulary games, based on the list of over 2800 words in 90 categories. Two games to play: True or False and Word Guess.

Games for learning English
English learning games for ESL students

General Knowledge Matching Games
How good is YOUR general knowledge? All levels.

Interesting Things for ESL Students
Apart from games you'll also find quizzes, proverbs, slang expressions, anagrams, a random-sentence generator and other study materials.

John's ESL
Over 150 word games that will help you learn English. Hangman, word search, madlibs, edulibs, and much more.

Lord of the Rings Risk
Fan site dedicated to LOTR.

Matt's ESL Games and Quizzes
An ebook of classroom games and quizzes by Matt Errey, the creator of the world's best-selling ESL board game Word Up.

Michael's ESP-EFL British Civilisation Home Page
Free English language exercises (Britain, Malta, Commonwealth)

Mystery Matches Games
Can you match the pairs of boxes? But first you have to figure out why they match!

Phonics fashcards and Games
Free phonics online flashcards, games and worksheets

Poolside Interview with Word Up Inventor
Poolside Interview with Matt Errey, the inventor of the quiz-style ESL board game Word Up

Puzzle Choice
Puzzles and games. Crosswords, wordsearches, quizzes, brainteasers, wordplay, teacher resources.

WORD UP Classroom Pack ESL Board Game
This version of the popular quiz-style board game WORD UP is designed for teachers, having two boards in one pack and enough components to play two games at once.

WORD UP Home Edition ESL Board Game
This quiz-style board game is popular with learners both in the classroom and at home.