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☕️Field Manager Position in Antigua, Guatemala and Cusco, Peru

Posted By: Máximo Nivel
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2018 GMT

The Field Manager works as part of the International Programs Team—a team of 4-6 people, and reports to the Director of International Programs. As part of this team, the Field Manager works to improve the international programs business and ensure excellent client service and program management. The Field Manager works closely with international clients providing in-country support, project organization, class scheduling, housing, travel, and responding to any other needs that clients have. The Field Manager helps ensure that international clients are productive, happy, and safe while in-country.


VOLUNTEER ABROAD—The Field Manager ensures that volunteers are busy and productive at their projects. Máximo Nivel believes strongly that “a busy volunteer is a happy
volunteer” and the Field Manager is expected to make sure volunteers are engaged and actively working at their project placements.

The Field Manager simultaneously manages a number of projects (15-22) and a number of volunteers (10-75); and the primary goal is to provide structure and organization that results in impact at each project. Resources include some limited funding, volunteers (labor), and the creativity and organizational skills the Field Manager brings to the project. The Field Manager manages these projects and provides organization, client service, encouragement, translation, and any other support required to make sure volunteers are productive at the project site. The Field Manager must develop strong, interactive relationships with the Director(s) of each project. They must work toward creating mutually beneficial relationships—ensuring that Máximo Nivel is a good partner and that Máximo Nivel’s volunteers and the project benefit from the relationship. Benefits include: improved realization of the project’s mission, improved organization, improved cleanliness, improved attendance, construction, food, supplies, improved support for the project Director and staff, etc.

INTERNATIONAL INTERNSHIPS—The Field Manager provides orientation, client service, and housing support. As well, Field Managers ensure that interns are engaged and actively working at their project placements.

TEFL CERTIFICATION—The Field Manager provides orientation, client service, and housing support.

NATIVE SPANISH PROGRAM—The Field Manager provides orientation, client service, housing, and scheduling support.


VOLUNTEER PROJECT SITES—Field Managers meet with and assess project sites for suitability to host international volunteers and to work with Máximo Nivel. Suitability is determined by assessing: existing organization, existing team, need, ability and willingness to work with international volunteers, and the opportunity for Máximo Nivel and its volunteers to bring impact to the project.

FAMILY-STAYS—Field Managers meet with and assess new family-stay homes for their suitability to provide housing and food to Máximo Nivel’s international clients.


The Field Manager provides support for overall program management, including:
- Orientation and welcome
- Site visits and problem-solving
- Housing support and problem solving
- Arrange airport pick-up
- Coordinating donations and aid
- Sales and client service in-country
- Updating the CRM system

- Bachelors Degree
- Bi-lingual English/Spanish.
- 1-2 years professional experience
- Business minded and very strong at managing details
- Must be very client service oriented
- Passion for traveling and helping others
- Excellent computer skills including Word and Excel in order to be able to develop weekly and monthly reports.


$800 - $1,100 per month + bonus

The Field Manager works Monday - Friday 7:00AM/8:00AM to 6:00PM with 1 hour for lunch; and whenever business needs dictate that the Field Manager should be present. Generally speaking, the Field Manager works every other weekend—normally alternating with one weekend off and the next weekend on; weekends require only Saturday or Sunday, but not both days other than at peak times of the year. Weekend and holiday hours are 9:00AM – 6:00PM.

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