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🌱🍯🌱ESL teacher in China 🌱🍯🌱

Posted By: Best Learning Shenyang
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2018 GMT

Best Learning

ESL Teacher General Responsibilities
- Teach English to Chinese children.
- Prepare for teaching and follow lesson plans, teaching objectives, and syllabus.
- FT’s work together with a Chinese Teacher (CT) and foster a relationship of cooperation and effectiveness.
- Provide make-up lessons as required within policy hours.
- Communicate with parents on students’ classroom performance (CT’s translate this information).
- Interact with parents and students in a way that is educational, fun, and engaging at all times.
- Work with CT’s to update the interactive parent platform. This includes posting videos, sending weekly emails, flashcards, and songs.
- Check Best Learning email and sign into QQ (our school instant messenger) on arrival to work.
- Follow company dress code and wear your nametag.
- Participate in marketing and center social events, as required.
- Take on administrative work and/or projects including, but not limited to, cataloging supplementary materials and organizing extra-curricular events.
- Substitute for absent colleague.
- Participate in academic weekly meetings.
- Report problems and or concerns to Head Foreign Teacher/Academic Director in a timely manner.

Best Learning Package

ESL Teacher Hiring Requirements
1. Candidates must be between the ages of 22 and 40.
2. Candidates must have a Bachelors, Masters or higher.
3. If candidates do not have 2 years work experience after college graduation or a degree in education, they must take the TESOL/TEFL course.
4. We take candidates from any country where English is the first language.
5. Candidates must have a passport that is valid for the next 6 months.

If you are interested in applying at our school, please contact me at

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