Now What? Climbing the ESL Ladder

Like all jobs, there comes a time when an ESL teacher says, "I'm ready for something different." Those who teach in their own countries may try teaching abroad, while those who are abroad may move home and use their teaching skills in a different industry. There are also many who are still interested in the ESL industry, but due to stress, boredom or frustration, feel their teaching days are numbered.

Besides teaching positions, ESL schools have many other jobs to fill including managers, home stay co-ordinators, recreation advisors, marketers, counsellors, materials writers and curriculum planners. Combine your educational background with your teaching experience and you may find that you have the skills required for a new and exciting career in a different sector of the ESL industry.

TEFLnet is a great starting point for those who may be getting the itch to branch out, especially those considering opening up their own school or tutoring services.

Visit TEFLnet's School Administration pages to find the inspiration and motivation you need to make a change.