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Date: Sun, 3 Nov 2019 GMT

Type Of Institution:ESL Training Center for both Adults and school students

Teaching Venue:Ivy Education Jiangyin Center   
Contract Length:one-year contract (12 months)

Starting Time:Determined through mutual consultation

Working Time: 40 hours per week (25 hours of teaching per week and ten hours of office time). Teachers need to clock in and clock out on every working day. A typical working day may start at 1:00 PM and end at 9:00 PM.

How many days per week will the teacher teach? Answer:5 Days per week; Two days off, but not on weekends.

Subjects to Teach: Spoken English classes, Business English Classes, English classes using textbooks and simple School subjects.

Type of Classes: Private class, salon class, social club, Classes for primary school and middle school students and demo class. We have lesson plans for private class and salon class and teachers’ job to use the lesson plan to design class activities and organize class activities; but teachers need to prepare and make power point presentations for social clubs and demo class. The number of social club and demo classes is 4 a week. And there are textbooks for English classes for primary or middle school students and these classes will involve games and teaching methods using body pictures and body languages.

Class Size: 1-4 for a private class and 1 to 10 for a salon class and 1 to 25 for a social club(English Club) and the number of students at a demo class is not fixed. Classes for primary and middle school students are usually fixed in teachers’ schedules.

Who are the students: 80% of the students are between the age of 6 and the age of 16; 20% of the students are adults.

What is the length of each class? 55 Minutes per Class

Teachers’ Nationality:Native English speaker from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa.

Applicant’s Education: Bachelor or above. According to Chinese government’s regulations, foreign teachers will have to get their degree notarized before applying for a work permit from Chinese government office concerned. The notarization will have to be from a public notary or the secretary office at the applicant’s government; and then, applicant will have to go to the Chinese Embassy to get embassy secretary’s signature and seal..

Major: Unspecified

TEFL/TESOL Certificate: Required, otherwise, applicants need to come to China on Tourist visa to attend the TEFL course training organized by Chinese government office and the employer will just pay the training fee and the hotel during the training. Other extra costs will be taken care of by the employee. Detailed information could be learned at the job interview.

Applicant’s Gender : Unspecified
Age Required : below 40; but we hope to recruit teachers between the age of 21 and35.
The age limit could be extended to50 if the candidate has a master degree and years of teaching experiences at a school or universities or a recognized language training center before.

Teaching Experience:Preferred

Applicants’ health: Applicants have to take physical tests in their own country and have the physical examination forms filled out and signed by doctors and hospital. The physical examination forms are designed and issued by the Chinese government office concerned. Applicants who are in China can use their health certificate they have got in the past year or can come to our city for physical examinations.

No crime records. Chinese government regulations require that applicants get a police check report at their local police station. And the police check will have to get the same notarization as for the applicant’s degree.

Monthly Salary: Monthly salary is between 15,000 RMB and 20,000 RMB per month (Teachers need to pay tax to the Chinese government).

Travel Allowance:6000 RMB paid when the employee have finished his/her one-year job contract. No travel allowance for part-time teachers or summer program teachers.

Housing:We rent an apartment for each teacher and the apartment will have a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen and a bathroom. And the apartment will be furnished with fridge, stove, water heater, and washing machine; and bedroom is air conditioned. We can help teachers get the access to the Internet, but the teacher will have take a computer/lap top with him or her. And now in China, most teachers get a cell phone and their SIM card with their passport and use the cell phone to have access to the internet.
Teachers don't have to pay the rent; but they have to pay their water bill, power bill, gas bill, Internet fee, etc. And teachers have to keep good maintenance of the apartment.

Overtime pay:Usually, we don’t arrange teachers to do overtime; if it is necessary to schedule overtime class for teachers (esp. during the summer holiday), extra days off will be given teachers later or we pay for the overtime according to the number of the extra classes and the rate is 120 Yuan for each extra class.

Paid Vacation: After teaching here for more than 7 months, teachers will be given 5 days of vacation; that means teachers will be given five days off without any deduction from teachers’ salary. Request for the paid vacation will have to be made a month in advance and the time of the paid vacation will have to suit the convenience of both teachers and the employer; And paid vacation will not be given during the summer time (from late June to Sep. 1st every year.)

Visa: We will get the work permit for teachers from ‘Foreign Experts Bureau of Wuxi Municipal Government. Teachers will have to cooperate with us in this process. When teachers receive the digital work permit, they have to go to a Chinese Embassy or Consulate to apply for a work visa at their own expense.

Residence Permit in China: We will get the Residence Permit for teachers within one month after he or she arrives here. Teachers just need to hand in the photos (6 passport photos).

Health Insurance: We buy a commercial health insurance for our teachers after teachers finish their probation period here. The Annual Premium is 1,800 RMB at present. This insurance just cover the risks of such serious cases as hospitalization is required in Jiangyin(diagnosed by doctors here in Jiangyin). Reimbursement is made through negotiation with the commercial insurance company according to their policy. (this company is designated by Chinese government in charge of foreign experts). The maximum reimbursement is 100,000 Yuan.

Interested individuals, please e-mail us: zhanghz520@hotmail.com
- Detailed resume
- Certificate copies
- Bachelor / Master degree copy
- Passport (and Visa) copies
- Recent photo

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