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Experienced and Qualified early Childhood Educators Needed in Beautiful and Modern Xiamen

Posted By: Cambridge Red Oak Kindergarten
Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2019

The Cambridge Red Oak Kindergartens seek experienced and qualified early childhood educators for our modern and well-equipped branch schools in Xiamen City and around Fujian Province. Come visit beautiful southern coastal China and experience the history, culture, and language, while gaining valuable experience in teaching some bright and beautiful children using our version of a 'project' teaching approach. The schools are regionally renowned, registered with and regularly inspected by the department of education, and have been licensed for business since 2001. We run the company and treat one another like family.
We seek educators for our sixteen branch schools only. We are not agents. We do not charge any fees! Teaching in our schools is no different than teaching in a school in your homeland! The schools provide all necessary support to teachers with regard to life in China and the ability to speak Chinese is not required. We look forward to having the opportunity to address your questions and concerns!
In our All English Classes, teachers spend the day with their teaching team members and their children speaking English as they practice a theme-and-projects process approach. This approach is achieving great results and along with the increasing popularity of the program we are expanding and in need of qualified pre-school educators. This need of kindergarten teachers in ongoing and growing. Please contact me at any time with questions. I will be happy to provide full and ample detail.
The children are a joy and the work is profoundly rewarding. Teachers are trained, and always supported by their teaching team which meets regularly. Meals are provided at breakfast and lunch-time. Teachers come in with the children in the morning and are free when the children leave the school at approximately five in the afternoon. There is a noon naptime break of over two hours. Evenings and weekends are your own free time. We offer a certificate of accomplishment in our TPP approach at the end of a minimum two-year term, (although the children spend three years in the program, and having one teacher for all three years is ideal).
Xiamen is a beautiful and modern city with little winter to speak of. It has everything from a brand-new subway system to beautiful beaches, and more college campuses than possibly any other city on earth.
Teachers will first acquire a work permit from the Bureau of Foreign Experts here in Xiamen City. Although we will help and will submit the application to the bureau on your behalf, you must be aware of the requirements, and the best way to do this is to go read the website of the Chinese Office of Consular Affairs for your particular region. You might also be well advised to visit your Chinese consulate and inquire. The consulate will assist with the authentication of your documents, as well. Be aware of the Chinese government’s requirement that teachers be from countries which they consider to be ‘native English speaking’. They do sometimes make exception for people who have taken their degrees in native speaking countries, so, once again, it might be beneficial to consult with someone at the Chinese consulate in your area.
The work permit is then used along with a one-year work contract with our school to get the work visa, called the 'z' visa. We reimburse you for the cost of the visa. Once you have this, you can apply to have the members of your family get visas on the basis of yours.
The cost of living in our region is lower, and it is safe to walk the streets anywhere and at all times. Teachers are respected and well treated. It is our hope that you will join us and stay on renewing your work contract with us year after year.
Education:Bachelors degree is required for the work permit and 'z' visa (along with two years of teaching experience and-or a TEFL/TESOL certification; a medical checkup; a police background clearance; a CV; a copy of your passport; and a portrait ID-type photo). Work Time:Full weekdays: Monday to Friday; 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. with two hours noon break. Benefits:Salary (for qualified native speakers) +/- 15400 CNY/month. Travel reimbursement 5000RMB annually. Inclusion in the company liability insurance program. Reimbursement for your work visa. Accommodation provided in typical residential apartment as near to the branch school as we can find. Six weeks paid vacation corresponding to the Spring Festival in February (two weeks), and the summer vacation between mid-July and mid-August (four weeks). All Chinese national holidays are paid days off.

Email mark_joseph_straka@cambridgebaby.com">- mark_joseph_straka@cambridgebaby.com / mark_joseph_straka @ cambridgebaby.com. Please see our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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