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Recruiting Research Participants

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Hello all,

My name is Sarah and I am currently studying for my Masters's degree in TESOL in the UK. As part of my dissertation project, I am carrying out research on teacher identity, more specifically on how experienced English language teachers have navigated moving between teaching cultures and how this might have affected their beliefs about themselves and about teaching.

I am looking to recruit participants for this project. The requirements for this are as follows:

- More than 5 years of English language teaching experience.
- Experience teaching in more than 1 country.

This research will be carried out in two steps – one 20-minute long questionnaire, followed by one hour-long interview with me, which will be audio-recorded. A consent form will need to be signed by you beforehand due to the University's research ethics procedures.

All of the data that I will collect will be anonymised for your security and privacy.
There will be no monetary compensation for taking part, so I decided to reach out on here in hopes of finding teachers who are interested in getting involved in research and reflecting on their past experiences.
If you are interested in taking part or have any questions, please let me know.
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