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article on teacher shortage in South Korea

Posted: 25 Feb 2023, 15:58
by tenneray
According to the article, Korea is suffering from an English-teacher shortage due to American graduates getting jobs at home rather than going abroad. I wonder if poor pay also contributes to the Korean problem? Salaries offered in Korea appear to be only entry level.
Also, the article states that low salaries are a problem in Vietnam. I also understand that Vietnam has had problems with Apax language schools.(That story can be found in another article on the same website.)
Here's the link:

Re: article on teacher shortage in South Korea

Posted: 19 Feb 2024, 05:13
by eggshell
Yeah, it makes sense that pay is a big factor - if grads can find decent work at home, why go abroad for low wages? Vietnam having issues too doesn't help. Supply and demand, you know. Anyway, interesting points in the article - pays to consider all angles when choosing jobs overseas.