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Newbie to Online Teaching - hardware suggestions needed

Posted: 21 Oct 2022, 12:37
by LadyK

First time posting on here - please forgive any errors I may make :)

I did my 120 hours a few years ago and since then I've just let life get in the way and never really took it any further. Times are a changing and I'd like to actually use the knowledge / info do teach online with a view to teaching face to face in a years time.


I have a laptop from the dark ages that doesn't have webcam, or even WiFi (i have a to use a dongle). So, I need advise on what basics i need to look for in terms of a laptop (not Apple - I'm Android all the way and always will be) and people's recommendations for headsets that are around £50 (definitely no more than £80).

Fling suggestions at me please!

Thanks :)