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ITTT In-Person Tefl Course

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So I’ve been interested in teaching English in South Korea for a while now, specifically with EPIK, and since I don’t have a degree in teaching I’ll obviously need to become TEFL certified. I’m pretty dead-set on doing an in-person course and not one online for various reasons I don’t feel like getting into in this post. One that seems really promising so far is the International TEFL and TESOL Training (ITTT) in-person course in Seoul. Has anyone by chance done this course, or any of the other ITTT in-person courses? How was it, and did you end up getting a teaching position you’re satisfied with? I’m also open to hearing about other in-person TEFL courses, so if you’ve done one with another company feel free to tell me about that experience too!

I’ve seen a lot of people online trying to convince people to just take a quicker, cheaper online course, and I just wanna make it clear that I really want an in-person course. Fortunately money really isn’t an issue for me when it comes to this and I have the ability to travel for the course if needed, so please don’t comment trying to convince me to just take a cheaper option :)
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