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Recording Vocabulary

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Hi all,

Quick question. How do you get your students to write down and review new vocabulary? Okay, this is a bit rhetorical. A friend and I have created a web based app:

The idea is that you create a wordpool, which is a list of all words that come up in the course of a lesson. This can then be accessed by your learners who can add example sentences and other information. This information is then used to play games, either in class as a group or by the learner alone at a time of their choosing. Our free plan allows for 5 pools, which means that you can have 5 different groups of learners with their own pools. Each pool essentially functions as a shared notebook for all its members.

We currently have 3 games up and running, a flashcard game in which learners race against each other, a word hunt game (think boggle) and Exemplar, this uses example sentences to check learners can remember a word in context. We have another 4 in development and a philosophy which is very much: Increasing one's vocabulary is tough - learners need all motivation and support they can get.

Of course I love this idea, but as someone who has been teaching for over 20 years, I know it's really not easy convincing others of the value of creating and maintaining a vocabuary notebook. if any of you kind peolpe would like to give it a go, it's free and we'd love to get your thoughts.

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Re: Recording Vocabulary

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Thanks for the information.
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