China TEFL Teacher Jobs - Tips, Traps, and Scams

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China TEFL Teacher Jobs - Tips, Traps, and Scams

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2021 China TEFL FAQs

We were all at square 1 at one point in our TEFL careers and had dozens of questions dancing around in our heads and not many veteran teachers had the time to be bothered with us, so we spent hours searching on line until we found one or two links that was a gold mine of info. Here is one such link that makes sure you find an honest employer who will not cheat or exploit you, and explains what employee rights, and salaries you can expect along with other issues key to finding the perfect China teaching job - for YOU. ... b85803691c And if there is still something left unanswered, try and of course, right here at viewforum.php?f=21/size]
Before taking any teaching job in China make a quick visit over to and so your dream job does not become a nightmare.
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