Ways to test the waters of TEFL before jumping in??

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Ways to test the waters of TEFL before jumping in??

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Hi everyone!

I am a recent graduate with a BSc that is interested in teaching TEFL. However, I have little experience in education and none at all in teaching English. I feel like I would enjoy TEFL, but I fear I might just enjoy the idea of doing such rather than the actual practice. I was wondering if anyone could recommend any methods by which I might be able to try out TEFL and see if I enjoy it before I commit to paying for an associated course and undertaking a long term contract. I have looked through plenty of videos and read plenty of articles/blogs on the subject. Nonetheless, I feel like neither provides a complete picture that I may make a sound judgement concerning whether or not I should pursue this as a career choice. Would it be a good idea to search for short term TEFL contracts? Or is there anying else that someone could recommend? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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