Weird interview role play

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Weird interview role play

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So I was working in china as a kindergarten English teacher but had to come home because of this virus. I had an interview with a company for an online teaching position to pass the time, but they use automated interviews, the interviewer had pre recorded himself asking the interview questions then I had to record myself in response.

There were two scenarios I had to role play that caught me off guard.

1: you are teaching 3 juniors, one of them, Chris, has a lot of loud background noise and you are struggling to hear the other two students. You mute his mic whenever he is not asking a question but he keeps unmuting it himself. Role play what you would do: I role played asking chris if he could hear me because of the noise and asked if he could move to a quieter room.

2: you are teaching a Ryan who is 5 how to say “my name is Ryan” when he says it however, he just says “my name Ryan” when you try to correct him he starts screaming. Role play what you would do. I role played what I do with my kids when they get distracted but I knew my answer was wrong.

Even though I only have 1 year teaching experience, with all the demo classes I was in for the school I have lead classes for about 100 kids from the ages of 18months to 7/8 years old. I’ve taught kids of all skill and confidence levels but I’ve never had a situation where a kid has gone from being ok and responsive to just screaming. What would you do in this scenario? (It was also really off putting to role play to nothing haha)
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