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Legal Advice?

Unread post by Privet » 26 Nov 2019, 11:33

I quit my job at short notice and my ex-manager has said she will not pay me for the 30+ hours I worked this month. I'm currently in Poland. I had a contract with the school and a startup company who do all the administration. Technically, I'm working for the startup company and not the schools. However, the schools have to give the money to the startup company in order for me to get paid. I quit my job in October, and my ex-manager phoned me and convinced me to stay, so I handed in my notice and said I was leaving at Christmas. However, I still wasn't happy there for various reasons and after a meeting with my then manager, I quit the next week.
Do you have any advice on getting paid after quitting, or information on where I can go to get legal advice?

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