Teaching Jobs in Puerto Rico

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Teaching Jobs in Puerto Rico

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Hello all!

I am looking to do a ESL Teaching job in Puerto Rico, I have lived here for close to a year and am currently studying at a university out here for my bachelors degree. I want to have a job on the side while I pursue my studies and am almost finished with an online TEFL course.

I was wondering if anyone has any experience teaching ESL out here or if you would know of any good places that are hiring ESL teachers at the moment here in PR. A bit about me, I am 24 and moved from California where I have been living my entire life until I moved to PR so English is my 1rst language and I am between a B1-B2 level in Spanish so I can get around okay with what I know. I am gonna be certified to teach General English (including Young Learners), Specialty in Teaching One to One, and Business English.

Any advice or knowledge you can share would be appreciated!

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