About teaching online and paying Tax

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About teaching online and paying Tax

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I'm interested in teaching online but can anyone advise me on how tax is paid. My friend is teaching online from Thailand and said he's had to register as self employed person in the UK and pay tax in the usual way to the UK government. Is there a way to avoid this and just pay tax directly through the online teaching employer. Anybody who knows about filling in a UK tax return knows how much hassle it is. It's not that I want to avoid paying tax I just don't want to do it as a self employed person especially if I'm living abroad. Thanks

Any other online teaching tips also very welcome.
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Re: About teaching online and paying Tax

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UK is not USA which stalks people around the world and demands tax wherever its citizens are. I believe (may be a bit out of date here) that if you are out of UK for more than 3 months in the year, you don'y pay UK tax full stop
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