TEFL Job Seeking 2017

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TEFL Job Seeking 2017

Unread post by John V55 » 14 May 2017, 13:45

It’s that time of life again and after nearly six years in the same school, time to start job seeking again.

I recently opened up my profile on a site where it would be noticed and the results were entirely different to 2011. The breakdown was interesting. From Malaysia in the south to Russia in the North, of the 25 replies I got over the weekend, I broke them down in the following order:

Fifteen - Either spam or what I term, 'We’ll burn you out in three months'variety. The list of tasks seemed endless, ranging from extra activities, English corners, summer camps . . . That’s before you even started teaching and often politely termed a, ‘fast paced working environment’! Automated production line teaching at its best :roll:

Seven – resembling the mailing lists you get when you visit websites offering fake designer watches and wonder how they got hold of your email address! From kindergarten vacancies in Russia that aren’t even on the map . . . It was all reminiscent of Marco Polo exploring the world and being amazed by what he saw :?

Three were decent offers. The recruiter(s) had taken the time to view the profile and tailored the offer to reflect qualifications and experience :)

Yet seriously, this was a trial run and what I took away from all this is that the jobs are still there, but the quality has all but disappeared. Bums on seats = good financial returns for all! A sign of the times? Good preparation and knowledge to have though when I start job seeking later in the year and for others in the same position.
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