Newbie registered!

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Newbie registered!

Unread post by Ericonline »

Hi Lucy,

I have just registered here and have a few questions i would like to ask as i am currently taking my 120 hour online TEFl course and looking for some help , a few tips and ideas.

Are there any means of applying as a prospective tutor anywhere? Part time or casually online perhaps? Any links or websites you might know that would allow me to get myself onto the first step so to speak.?

And is there a dedicated section on the forum here where i can advertise?

I appologise for all the questions.
Looking forward to your reply


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Re: Newbie registered!

Unread post by Lucy »

Hi Eric

You can apply for jobs at any time. You can look at the jobs section on this site, on and many more. Your course provider should be able to help too.

This forum is not the place to advertise for classes but please come back with any other questions.

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