How to Create an Online TEFL Course?

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How to Create an Online TEFL Course?

Unread post by Danmill397 » 20 Apr 2017, 09:21

Hello everyone,

I am looking for some advice regarding starting up my own teacher training programme. The face-to-face stuff I can cover but I am wondering how to go about starting an online course? Is there a company out there who designs them or are TEFL companies doing it themselves?

All information will be a big help.



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Re: How to Create an Online TEFL Course?

Unread post by wijajo » 01 May 2017, 15:09

No, companies do not do this for yourself. As far as I'm aware.

I'm thinking of making a TEFL course too as it happens. I'll need to make sure I have the relevant experience and then I will do a TEFL Provider course so that I'm qualified with the TEFL network. AS part of this course, you will need to create a course for future students. I can provide you with a link of who I was thinking of doing it with, if you like.

I've created a quick 45-second Typeform page to gather some market research. If you could click the link below, that would be useful! Also might give you some tips yourself.

Finally, I would be very interested in your venture. I'm also acutely aware that partnering up in business can be extremely useful so that could be a possibility if you're interested. If you are, post your LinkedIn page (or something else if you don't have LinkedIn).


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Re: How to Create an Online TEFL Course?

Unread post by Lucas » 16 May 2017, 14:51

Coventry House International and OnTESOL started TEFL Workshops
It's a combined online and weekend TEFL course that will be offered starting this fall. You may want to join us and offer the weekend course in your city. Contact OnTESOL for more information
Ontesol - Online TESOL/TEFL courses.

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