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379 More China Foreign Teachers Deported For Wrong Visas

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379 More China Foreign Teachers Deported For Wrong Visas

Unread post by Murphy » 14 Jun 2014, 00:10

Please spread the word that no matter what any China job agent or recruiter may tell you, you MUST have a work visa ("Z") visa is you want to teach or work at any job in China. There are about 30,000 expat ESL & TEFL teachers working in China today and so far in 2014, 1,600+ of them have been arrested, fined, and deported for working on tourist (L) or business (F) visas. Most of them got 3 year reentry bans. Here's the story if you want the dish: ... blame.html

I just got a free copy of all of China's new (2013) visa laws in English from the CFTU, and let me tell you, every agent I ever dealt with, never once told me about these laws - nor the consequences. Now I know better.

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