Age discrimination in Spain

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Age discrimination in Spain

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In theory, I believe, age discrimination in the employment market is illegal in Spain, but it seems to be rife. Many job advertisements for English teachers are blatant about, explicitly setting an upper age limit of 50 or 40 or even 35. Others are a little less blatant, but boast on their website of the youth of their staff.

I am a 51-year-old graduate with a CELTA (B) and teaching experience, though most of the experience was not very recent, and my Spanish is pretty good (C1). I have been applying for work in Spain since last December and in all that time I have managed to get just one interview. Most of my many applications are simply ignored by employers.

I certainly don't believe I am too old to do the job and I don't think students would think me too old to tolerate, but I'm not sure what, if anything, I can do to persuade employers that I am worth interviewing. Has anyone any observations, comments or suggestions to make?
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Re: Age discrimination in Spain

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I'd imagine the job market isn't too good for anyone at the moment, so the lack of responses is probably mainly that rather than age. If it is a major factor, the solutions would seem to be:
- Apply to the more serious schools, e.g. those that are Cambridge CELTA teacher training centres
- Get more qualifications, e.g. YL extension, Diploma or a Teaching Business English cert, to make your CV stand out
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Re: Age discrimination in Spain

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John, my sympathies are with you. My wife and I are 58 and are finding more and more places now requiring younger teachers. We've never worked in Spain but we did two years in South America (Colombia and Chile). They don't seem to be hung up on age issues. Have you thought about using your Spanish over there? Good luck!
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Re: Age discrimination in Spain

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May I suggest presenting yourself to the employer. Unfortunately these twits don´t value your life experience I´m afraid
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Re: Age discrimination in Spain

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this is a very interesting question. I have a British friend here in Ecuador. I think he is 65 and has had plenty of work. I'd even employ him.

Before coming here I was in Spain for 5 years teaching. I do remember at least a couple of colleagues who had plenty of work around your age.

Spain is lagging behind the UK (gay marriage aside) in many aspects: there is still plenty of inequality. Given that, I think determination and persistance will get you further than the age aspect. There are alway opportunities even in Spain today.

Anyway, all the best and if you come to Ecuador we may have a job for you.

Have a nice day.
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