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Need help getting started

Unread post by kings » 17 Nov 2010, 21:57

Hello, I'm very keen to teach English abroad for a year (anywhere) but have been overloaded with information on the net and could do with some advise. I have a good degree but no teaching qualifications. I am currently working as an LSA in a special state school. I am based in Southampton, Hampshire.

Firstly, I'm not sure whether to do a TEFL course in England and then apply for a job or to apply for a job where no teaching qualifications are required. I've found a lot of these jobs in Asia but am worried that I will start teaching far too underprepared. I've been close to applying for this: [link to a no-experience-needed teacher recruitment page with AEON Corporation in Japan removed - Admin].

If I do a TEFL course first I'm aware that a 120 hr classroom course would be best but I need it to be fairly inexpensive as I only plan to teach for a year.

Any help or advice would be very much appreciated.

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Re: Need help getting started

Unread post by systematic » 20 Nov 2010, 09:49

I. Any information we give you here, also being 'on the net' will probably only serve to overload you even more ;)
Do please, please, please, search our forums for what has already been discussed to overload level, and bear in mind that if you are only going to teach for a year, the first three months salary will cover the cost of getting a TESOL certification. If you have a good degree, you stand a good chance of getting work without a TESOL.

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